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We have the pleasure of sharing with everyone a paper published on Consciousness and Cognition. The research, conducted by LaCAM lab (ISTC-CNR) and CIMec Center (Trento University) researchers, focuses on sign language comprehension when the signer wears a face mask.

What is the impact of enactive approaches to cognition on our understanding of the relation between pretend play and language in development? 

In this Journal of Applied Psycholinguistics’ Special Issue, edited by Dr. Sparaci and Dr. Rinaldi, we asked 13 researchers from multiple fields (e.g. philosophy, developmental psychology, education) to present their original viable answers to this core question in 6 different essays. Each essay tackles this issue from a different viewpoint, contributing towards building a better understanding of child play.

E’ disponibile una posizione di Ricercatore con competenze di data analysis, natural language processing, knowledge graphs presso il CNR, ISTC, sede di Catania.

Il 17 gennaio, a Milano, i dott. Olga Capirci ed Alessio Di Renzo del LaCAM ISTC-CNR hanno partecipato alla conferenza stampa di presentazione del progetto di QuestIt, in collaborazione anche con l'Università di Siena e il gruppo SILIS: il primo virtual Human che conosce la LIS. Anche il quotidiano “Il Sole 24 Ore” ne parla.

Dr. Alessio Di Renzo and all the LaCAM colleagues are happy and proud to announce his attainment of a significant milestone: his promotion to permanent Researcher (3rd level) of CNR’s Institute of Sciences and Technologies of Cognition (ISTC–CNR), the first Italian Deaf person to attain this position in the Italian National Council of Research (CNR).

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How accurate are children with autism in imitating others’ actions and gestures?

7 - 9 Ott 2022 MAKER FAIRE EUROPEAN EDITIONLa decima edizione europea del Maker Faire, il più importante spettacolo al mondo sull’innovazione, si terrà d

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On June 16-17 Giulia Andrighetto, Eva Vriens, and Nanda Wijermans (IFFS) organise a workshop on Social Norm Change at the Institute for Future Studies in Stockholm.