What do workers performing different roles think about organizational well-being?

The aim of this paper is to investigate the representation of organizational well-being that workers performing different roles have. Through this study we want to contribute to the definition of the construct of organizational well-being, taking into account the point of view of different groups of workers, that is workers performing leadership roles and workers performing executive roles. The study involved 27 top and middle managers, and 34 researchers and employees with administrative/technical profiles of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). 7 focus groups were carried out and collected data were analyzed using qualitative data analysis software NVivo9. Areas that contributes to the organizational well-being in the CNR are the same for workers who perform leadership roles and for workers who perform executive roles, but they are different in contents and meanings. Also the prominence given by the different categories of stakeholders to each dimension of organizational well-being is different. The results of this study highlight the importance to develop assessment tools for organizational well-being suited to workers performing different roles, able to take into account the complexity of the entire organization.

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DEStech Publications, Inc., Lancaster PA, USA
International Conference on Social, Education and Management Engineering (SEME 2014), pp. 56–66, Macao, 20-21/05/2014
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