How religious faith affects beliefs on poverty: a study in Italy

This study analyses the attributions of causality and the representations about poverty in order to better understand people's perception and to suggest adequate and shared interventions. The data we analyzed refer to a 2012 research which has been carried out on a sample of 1000 participants in Italy. Preliminary analysis has been conducted in order to get the relation among attribution of causality for impoverishment and religious beliefs to emerge. Further multivariate analysis has tested the relation net of other dimension as economic status (income), sex and education level.

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Maurizio Norcia
Antonella Rissotto
International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology Press, Singapore, Singapore
International Journal of Social Science and Humanity 3 (2013): 180–185. doi:10.7763/IJSSH.2013.V3.223
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Maurizio Norcia, Antonella Rissotto/titolo:How religious faith affects beliefs on poverty: a study in Italy/doi:10.7763/IJSSH.2013.V3.223/rivista:International Journal of Social Science and Humanity/anno:2013/pagina_da:180/pagin
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