Shifting Tides: Norms, Ethics, and Values in AI-infused Society

da 5 Giu 2023 - 14:30 a 6 Giu 2023 - 17:00
Kelsen Room, AlmaAI, Via Galliera, 3 3 Via Galliera 40121 Bologna

Join us for a thought-provoking colloquium as we delve into norms, ethics, and moral values in a society being rapidly extended by AI in everyday activities. By fostering in-presence and remote interaction with speakers, we will explore diverse perspectives and applications, in particular:

Emulation of Higher Human Abilities

Exploring the remarkable progress of AI in emulating higher human abilities, while recognizing its limitations in capturing the essential grounding aspects. Does AI fall short in replicating embodied elements such as identity, belonging, solidarity, empathy, truth, attitudes, sensing, affectivity, judgment, values, anticipation, security, and social decision-making? How to evaluate, imbue with, or adapt AI to human abilities?

Transforming Reality

AI may act as transformative science, since it generates extended segments of reality. How do our cognitive simulations, shaped by previous experiences, drive our commitment to alternative realities? What are the implications for roles, norms, habits, and the potential impact on cognitive and social abilities?

Norms in Flux

Human social reality relies on ethical, social, and legal norms, and the dynamic nature of their adaptation to changing social dynamics. How human grounding and classical norm evolution will be affected by the challenges posed by AI's rapid advancements?