IM-CLeVeR: Scuola estiva 2011 (Capocaccia, 1-7 Maggio 2011)

1 Mag 2011 - 00:00

Themes of the school: intrinsic motivation, abstract representations of sensorimotor data, hierarchical architectures and cumulative learning.


Introduction. The EU funded project IM-CLeVeR - Intrinsically Motivated Cumulative Learning Versatile Robots, led by ISTC-CNR, is hosting the ''IM-CLeVeR Spring School 2011'' at the Capo Caccia Cognitive Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop (Capocaccia, Sardinia, Italy).  The school is aimed at PhD students and young researchers in the fields of computer science, robotics, autonomous systems, machine vision, biologically inspired robotics, machine learning and engineering but is open to interested students in biology, psychology and neuroscience, etc., with a reasonable background and skills in robotics and programming. The school will last 1 week: 1-7 May 2011.


Links: see this link for applications and other details.