Word naming times and psycholinguistic norms for Italian nouns

The present study describes normative measures for 626 Italian simple nouns. The database (LEXVAR. XLS) is freely available for down-loading on the Web site http://wwwistc.ip.rm.cnr.it/material/ database/. For each of the 626 nouns, values for the following variables are reported: age of acquisition, familiarity, imageability, concreteness, adult written frequency, child written frequency, adult spoken frequency, number of orthographic neighbors, mean bigram frequency, length in syllables, and length in letters. A classification of lexical stress and of the type of word-initial phoneme is also provided. The intercorrelations among the variables, a factor analysis, and the effects of variables and of the extracted factors on word naming are reported. Naming latencies were affected primarily by a factor including word length and neighborhood size and by a word frequency factor. Neither a semantic factor including imageability, concreteness, and age of acquisition nor a factor defined by mean bigram frequency had significant effects on pronunciation times. These results hold for a language with shallow orthography, like Italian, for which lexical nonsemantic properties have been shown to affect reading aloud. These norms are useful in a variety of research areas involving the manipulation and control of stimulus attributes.

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Barca, Laura
Burani, Cristina
Arduino, Lisa S.
The Society,, Austin, Tex. , Stati Uniti d'America
Behavior research methods, instruments, & computers 34 (2002): 424–433.
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Barca, Laura; Burani, Cristina; Arduino, Lisa S./titolo:Word naming times and psycholinguistic norms for Italian nouns/doi:/rivista:Behavior research methods, instruments, & computers/anno:2002/pagina_da:424/pagina_a:433/interva
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Ritratto di Laura Barca
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Ritratto di Cristina Burani
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