Semion: A smart triplification tool

The Web of Data is fed by \triplifiers", tools able to transform content (often databases) to linked data. Triplifiers implement different methods and typically are based on bulk recipes which allow for no or limited customization of the process. Furthermore, their consumption or refactoring is often difficult due to mismatches between the semantics embedded in original structures, and the RDF or OWL semantics obtained thorugh the recipes. Semion is a method and a tool for customizing and expliciting the semantics of data reengineering and refactoring.

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Contributo in atti di convegno
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Nuzzolese, Andrea Giovanni
Gangemi, Aldo
Presutti, Valentina
Ciancarini, Paolo
M. Jeusfeld c/o Redaktion Sun SITE, Informatik V, RWTH Aachen., Aachen, Germania
EKAW2010 Poster and Demo Track, 2010
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Ritratto di Aldo Gangemi
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Ritratto di Valentina Presutti
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