Effectiveness of EMDR therapy in children refugee - A feasibility field study

Given the significant growth of the migration flow of refugees fleeing from persecution, terrorism and war-torn countries to Europe, there is an urgent need for effective interventions for the treatment of complex trauma and related disorders .
The current study aimed at: 1) assessing and evaluating treatment feasibility of Syrian refugees within an emergency context; 2) EMDR treatment of the acute phase of traumatization of this group of Syrian refugess, with the aim of reducing their post-traumatic symptomatology, as well as installing resources as a protective factor. 3) to measure the efficacy of EMDR treatment with children, survivors of war, deployment, grief, loss of family members and homes; 4) to study the possibility of working with EMDR therapy in an unstable situation, as the one that was going on with this Syrian population, that was living in an orphanage, in a foreign country (Turkey), in the border, a few km away from Aleppo.

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Perilli S
Giuliani A
Mazzoni GP
Morales DP
Maslovarich G
Maccarone B
Fernandez I
Pagani M
Springer Pub. Co.,, New York, NY , Stati Uniti d'America
Journal of EMDR practice and research (Online) (2018).
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Perilli S, Giuliani A, Mazzoni GP, Morales DP, Maslovarich G, Maccarone B, Fernandez I, Pagani M/titolo:Effectiveness of EMDR therapy in children refugee - A feasibility field study/doi:/rivista:Journal of EMDR practice and rese
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