A Deaf-centred E-Learning Environment (DELE): Challenges and considerations

Purpose: In this paper, the accessibility of e-learning environments designed for deaf learners is discussed. Starting from a discussion of the meaning of text and web accessibility, the paper describes the development of a Deaf-centered E-Learning Environment (DELE) which focusing on utilizing the visual skills of the target users. This work is conducted under the auspices of the Italian FIRB-VISEL project (E-Learning, Deafness, Written Language: A Bridge of Letters and Signs Towards Knowledge Society) which involves the development of a distance learning environment aimed at improving the literacy skills of prelingual deaf children and young adults. Design/methodology/approach: The e-learning environment is based on embodied cognition/semantics, imitation, storytelling, and the construction of educational games. Conceptual metaphors provide the browsing structure of the entire environment, in which the learning paths are developed. Findings: DELE is currently undergoing testing in which end-users are providing feedback about their use of the system. Social implications: The authors think that DELE could positively affect the didactic methodology used with deaf young people, through a new visual-based approach to teaching. Originality/value: To the best of the authors' knowledge, this is the first time in which such a theoretical approach has been applied to an e-learning environment for deaf users. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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Capuano, Daniele
De Monte, Maria Tagarelli
Groves, Katherine M.
Roccaforte, Maria
Tomasuolo, Elena
Pavilion,, Brighton , Regno Unito
Journal of assistive technologies 5 (2011): 257–263. doi:10.1108/17549451111190669
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Capuano, Daniele; De Monte, Maria Tagarelli; Groves, Katherine M.; Roccaforte, Maria; Tomasuolo, Elena/titolo:A Deaf-centred E-Learning Environment (DELE): Challenges and considerations/doi:10.1108/17549451111190669/rivista:Jour
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