Child Language Automatic Scoring System-online (CLASS-one)

The main objective of the project Child Language Automatic Scoring System-online (CLASS-one) is the implementation of a platform to define the neuropsychological profile of pre-schooler children, taking into account cognitive, communicative and linguistic development. The platform, through a confidential access, will enable health professionals (neuro-psychiatrists, paediatricians, psychologists, speech therapists, etc.) to obtain the neuropsychological profile of children through entering the scores obtained on standardized tests. The platform will automatically generate the child's developmental profile even in relation to neuropsychological skills, highlighting strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to the automatic neuropsychological profile, children with language delays or language disorders, intellectual disabilities, or neurodevelopmental disorders will be early identified. This project will support the sharing of protocols and evaluation methodologies among professionals of public and private healthcare organizations. Moreover, it will have positive effects on the professional services and on good practices sharing. The project has a strong scientific impact as it will allow the updating and extension of databases of normative samples, as well as the definition of specific reference data for different clinical populations. The dissemination of this protocol among healthcare operators will promote the sharing of good practices based on data collected by LaCAM lab in view of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) in order to promote health during childhood.

Project Funding: 
Funding Source: 
Regione Lazio
Project Timeframe: 
04 Oct 2016 to 20 Mar 2018