How can teachers learn to teach with technology?

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How can <font size="32">teachers</font> learn to <font size="32">teach</font> with <font size="32">technology?</font>
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New education methods require new teaching systems. From serious games to advanced computer simulations: how can these technologies be integrated in traditional lessons? At ISTC the Advanced Learning Technologies Research Group (ALT) is developing dedicated teacher training programs on advanced e-learning techniques. 

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Enhanced education with technology: this is the aim of e-learning, which is rapidly generating new tools exploiting the potential of computers. Outside the laboratories, however, uptake of advanced techniques remains low and the majority of e-learning programs are still based on video lessons and page-turning websites. Besides economic factors, one of the key problems of e-learning programs is that the huge majority of teachers receive very little training in how to use advanced educational technologies in Learning Environments.

For this reason, at ISTC the Advanced Learning Technologies Research Group (ALT) is trying to find new ways to spread new Information and Communication Technology tools (computer games, robots, computer simulations, augmented reality systems), starting from trainers rather than users. Teaching to Teach with Technology: this is the name of the European Project ALT-RG is coordinating in collaboration with partners from Spain and UK. The goal of the project is to develop an innovative teacher trainer program to promote the use of advanced learning technology by university teaching staff, school teachers and trainers in industry. Key features include theoretical classes to discuss the advantages of new technologies, practical workshops to simulate e-learning sessions and project works in which teachers prepare learning projects to use in their own classroom.

Teaching to Teach with Technology involves the use of the most advanced products developed by ALT-RG team. Teachers will therefore personally experiment the learning methods of the future. 

Contact: Orazio Miglino

ISTC Group: Advanced Learning Technologies Research Group