How can you quickly scout around CNR?

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How can you quickly <font size="32">scout around CNR?</font>
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Who are the major experts in Artificial Intelligence at CNR? Who is responsible for Resource Management? Now this kind of information can be found with a simple click. At ISTC the Semantic Technology Laboratory (STLab) developed a software able to automatically create a Semantic Social Network out of the data and documents of CNR. 

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The Italian National Research Council (CNR) is the largest research institution in Italy and it has a very complex data network: finding information can sometimes be difficult. For example, where should I search if I am looking for all the people working in a specific field? Standard search engines are not accurate enough to intelligently organize a website's contents.

But at ISTC the Semantic Technology Laboratory (STLab), in collaboration with the CNR's Information Systems Office, solved this problem. The solution is here. It is called Semantic Scout and it is a new software, specifically thought to support CNR expert finding and project management. Its function is to hybridize linked data and semantic search technologies in order to automatically create a Semantic Social Network within CNR information. This provides added value to a search: each entity is graphically represented as a focused node connected to leading researchers, their work packages, their participating institutes and department.

Semantic Scout is based on the idea of exploring, as opposed to searching: this drives the user along multiple paths which could be previously unknown. Such claim is translated into the ability to materialize on demand, and in one place, the relevant information about who in CNR is involved in some academic or technological context. Making information easy to find once and for all. 

Contact: Aldo Gangemi

ISTC Group: Semantic Technology Laboratory