Valutazione della Recovery House di Faenza (esperienza pilota)

This Project has an empiric and a theoretic objective. The empiric objective concerns the longitudinal evaluation of the pilot project as experimented in the Recovery House of Faenza. The theoretic focus of the project concerns the analysis of mechanisms and factors facilitating or obstacolating recovery processes. The innovative aspects of the research project concerns (a) the study of recovery processes and recovery-oriented interventions is of particular importance in the field of mental health and the necessity of systematic research is regarded a well established priority; (b) the methodology includes on one hand the traditional procedures of empiric research (tests, interviews, questionnaires) on the other hand innovative approaches will be used to guarantee the active inclusion of all the social actors of the experimentation (clients, operators, volunteers, family members and experts) in line with the stakeholder based evaluation. 

Project Funding: 
Funding Source: 
Associazione Porte Aperte Ravenna
Project Timeframe: 
09 Feb 2014 to 09 Feb 2015