The human face of ICT research: the GiraffPlus Project

Today the European Commission issued a press release on the GiraffPlus project, an EU project in which ISTC researchers play a relevant role.   

The press release includes a video showing a success story from Italy:  the GiraffPlus system installed in the home of Grandma Lea, a 94-year-old lady living on her own.  The 4 minutes video titled "The human face of ICT research: the GiraffPlus Project" describes both the installation case and the technology developed in the project.

CNR participates  in the GiraffPlus project with a joint ISTC and ISTI participation.  Gabriella Cortellessa (ISTC) is the Project Technical Manager, furthermore CNR is leading three work-packages with Andrea Orlandini (ISTC), Francesco Furfari (ISTI) and Amedeo Cesta (ISTC).

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