A Distinguished Paper at ECAI 2020 by Riccardo De Benedictis and Amedeo Cesta

Yesterday, ECAI Chairs announced that the paper entitled "Lifted Heuristics for Timeline-based Planning" authored by Riccardo De Benedictis and Amedeo is in the list of Distinguished papers at ECAI2020.The European Conference on Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important international conference on Artificial Intelligence.The paper discusses the issue of efficient resolution of timeline-based planning problems. In particular, taking inspiration from the more classical heuristics for the resolution of STRIPS-like problems, it proposes a new heuristic strategy which, while maintaining the variables lifted, allows more accurate decisions. The concepts presented in this work pave the way for a new type of heuristics which, at present, allow this kind of solvers a significant performance improvement.Do not miss the presentation of the paper Tuesday, 1st of Sept., during the Session on "Planning and Scheduling (General 1/2)" 16:15-16:30 (CET) on http://underline.ioHere you may download the paper: http://ebooks.iospress.nl/volumearticle/55157