Colloque - Talking machines: conversation and creation with AI

Day 8 November, from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, Aldo Gangemi and Valentina Presutti will be speakers at the symposium "Talking machines: conversation and creation with Artificial intelligence" organized by TESaCo a project from the Academy of moral and political sciences (France), ALMA IA-Research Institute for Human Centered Artificial Intelligence (Bologne) and ISTC-CNR (Rome).

Registration and more info:

GPT-3, a cutting-edge artificial language model, has largely fueled the scientific debate about its promises and limitations. However, many questions remain open concerning not only the technical aspects but also the possible applications of "talking machines" in their uncanny ability to imitate and simulate human language.
This workshop aims to bring together experts to discuss three types of questions raised by these artificial languages:
(1) the principles, perspectives and limits of artificial intelligence applied to language;
(2) the problem of the economic and material conditions of their conception and creation, including the role of public research in the development of very costly language models such as GPT-3;
(3) the uses of AI in conversation and creation, as well as in digital humanities.
The more promising these models are and the better the conversational agents simulate dialogical interaction with humans, the more serious are the questions they raise concerning social dynamics, emotional and affective reactions, and the identity status attached to these artificial intelligences.