Workshop on "Internally generated sequences”

25 Sep 2016 - 08:00 to 30 Sep 2016 - 19:00
Villino Volterra, Ariccia (Rome, Italy),

This workshop brings together neurophysiologists, psychologists and computational modelers to discuss the neuro-computational mechanisms supporting spatial navigation, decision and planning – e.g., the role of internally generated cell assembly sequences in the rodent hippocampus, and more generally the role of sequential processing / generative models in sensorimotor behaviour and higher cognition (e.g., action syntax, music and language processing).

The workshop is organized by Giovanni Pezzulo, Matt van der Meer, Caleb Kemere, within the project “Beyond simple choices: computational and neuronal mechanisms for complex spatial behaviors” funded by the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP).

Workshop particpants include:Matt van der Meer, Youki Tanaka, Emily Irvine, Caleb Kemere, Etienne Ackermann, Giovanni Pezzulo, Francesco Donnarumma, Ivilin Stoianov, Domenico Maisto, Karl Friston, Paul Verschure, David Redish, Fabian Kloosterman, Arnaud Malvache, Thomas Akam, Dan Bendor, Diogo Pata, Michael Pereira, Franceco Mannella, Emilio Cartoni.


For registration, contact Giovanni Pezzulo ( and Pomilio Blumm (management)