International Workshop on the introduction of the Open Dialogue Approach in the context of mental health services: an assessment of organizational issues

10 Jul 2015 - 09:30 to 17:00

Internationally a growing number of mental health experts works towards the implementation of the Open Dialogue Approach (OD) in their mental health services. This workshop is organized in view of the implementation of the OD in Italy.

After a short presentation on the current state of the art in the participating Italian mental health departments, we will address the experience of experts from the international community who are currently working towards the implementation of OD in their departments.

Ideally, a short document of recommendation may result, in which some of the best practices for the implementation of OD in a new territory are formulated.



09.30: Cristiano Castelfranchi- Welcome and introduction

Section 1- The Italian Open Dialogue (OD) Project 

10.00: Chiara Rossi – The Italian Open Dialogue Project

10.30: Raffaella Pocobello- The evaluation process: first considerations 

11.00: Kari Valtanen- The experience of OD in Finland and the coordination of the Italian training

11.30: Coffee break

Section 2: The experience of OD in different context

11.45: Douglas Ziedonis (USA)

12.15: Russell Razzaque (UK)

12.45: Mark Steven Hopfenbeck (Norway)

13.15: Lunch break

14.00: Regina Bisikiewicz and Anna Kraucz-Miękus (Poland)

14.30: Nick Putnam (The OD Training: critical issues)

Section 3: What to learn from each other

15.00: General discussion - Chair: Giuseppe Salamina

With the participation of Luca Atzori and Gino Fornace (users’ perspective), Gisella Trincas (family members' perspective) and the representatives of the Italian Mental Health Departments involved in the OD Project