Which information sources are more trustworthy in a scenario of hydrogeological risks: A computational platform

In this work we realized a series of social simulations in order to investigate how a set of cognitive agents behave in presence of critical hydrogeological phenomena, showing some interesting results about their choices. The paper starts with the presentation of an ad-hoc Bayesian trust model that we created and used in the simulations. Then we describe the realized platform that can be manipulated in order to shape many possible scenarios. The simulations start with a world populated by a number of agents that have to deal with different and more or less dangerous meteorological events requiring adequate behaviors. So they need to take a decision and in order to select the right behavior they have to use the information sources they can access. Agents are also profiled into different categories, which shape how they use/trust their different sources. They will someway interact with each other and with their information sources to finally decide how to behave.

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Contributo in atti di convegno
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Falcone R.
Sapienza A.
Castelfranchi C.
Springer, Berlin , Germania
PAAMS 2016, pp. 84–96, Sevilla, 01-03/06/2016
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