Violence in a comprehensive perspective

The following are the main points we will touch on in this presentation: a)the concept of violence and the meanings we here attach to this term; b)a few considerations on the four documents that have been recently elaborated by some scholars as comments on and/or updates of the Seville Statement on Violence; c)emotional factors and cultural factors on which violence is grounded; d)the role of death in human life and in nature in general in the context of human violence; e)the study of animal abuse as an essential component of human violence in general and as an essential contribution to its understanding.

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Contributo in atti di convegno
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Pagani, Camilla
Robustelli, Francesco
XXXIII CICA (International Colloquia on the Brain and Aggression) International Conference "The Seville Statement on Violence: twenty-five years later", Roma, 22-25 September 2011
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