Trust & Self-Organising Socio-technical Systems

We present our socio-cognitive theory of Trust and its components (expectations, evaluations, desires, perceived risks) and bases, and apply that model to Trust in complex dynamic socio-technical systems and their self-organizing emergent results. In particular, how to build trust in ICT-based systems where the "Social Order" (Hayek) is no longer fully "spontaneous", but based on programmed interactions, algorithmic procedures, big data, etc.?
We will focus on some desirable features, like:
A) That the emergent outcome/'order'
- fulfills its task in a satisfacing way;
- is more efficient (time, costs) than the traditional spontaneous dynamics;
- without exposing people to too frequent and non- forewarned failures, empasses, crises;
- that there is a reliable structure for monitoring (top-down & also bottom-up from stakeholders) and readjusting; for predictions via simulation;
- that the system, its logics and working be 'understandable' and dependable for folks; and people be informed about.
B) But also: Which are the 'rules' applied in the micro-process for obtaining such a global desired result? Do we trust not just the outcome but that the 'rules' and 'principles' of the designed 'invisible hand' be fair, acceptable? For example, in the distribution of power or water the global result can be good, as 'planned', but are there systematic unfair treatments of some subjects? Which are and of whom the 'interests' protected by that mechanism?
People should trust both levels of the self-organization process: the result and the mechanism; and the second one implies some 'transparency' and 'negotiation' of the underlying criteria.

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Castelfranchi, Cristiano
Falcone, Rino
Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, CHE
Trustworthy Open Self-Organising Systems. Autonomic Systems, edited by Reif W. et al., pp. 209–229. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing, 2016
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