The spurt of written vocabulary in elementary school children

The written production of elementary school children has been investigated in several studies. These studies are mainly focussed on "how" a child writes (i.e., on the child's mastering of sound-to-print conversion rules), rather then on "what" a child writes. The aim of this paper is to "take a photograph" and to describe "what" Italian children of elementary school write. The data we present are based on the analysis of a child corpus of written language (Marconi, Ott, Pesenti, Ratti, Tavella 1994). The words used by children at different grades, the school grade in which they first write a word, and the increment of the written vocabulary from one grade to the next one, were analyzed. The analyses differentiated nouns from verbs. The spoken age-of-acquisition of words was also compared with written age (or order) of acquisition.

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Rinaldi, Pasquale
Burani, Cristina
Istituti Editoriali e Poligrafici Internazionali., Pisa, Italia
Rivista di psicolinguistica applicata (Testo stamp.) 5 (2005): 30–41. doi:10.1400/19219
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Rinaldi, Pasquale; Burani, Cristina/titolo:The spurt of written vocabulary in elementary school children/doi:10.1400/19219/rivista:Rivista di psicolinguistica applicata (Testo stamp.)/anno:2005/pagina_da:30/pagina_a:41/intervall
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