Reading fluency and morpho-lexical processing: Developmental studies in Italian.

It has been suggested that readers of transparent orthographies rely on small-size reading units, such as graphemes and phonemes, in learning to read. The present paper shows that lexical and morpho-lexical reading is used by developing readers of Italian since the first elementary grades. Several studies that report the presence of lexical and morpho-lexical effects in Italian developmental dyslexics are also reviewed. It is argued that large-size reading units such as morphemes and whole-words are necessary, even in a transparent orthography, in order to attain reading fluency.

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Burani C.
29 (2009): 98–104.
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Burani C./titolo:Reading fluency and morpho-lexical processing: Developmental studies in Italian./doi:/rivista:/anno:2009/pagina_da:98/pagina_a:104/intervallo_pagine:98–104/volume:29
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