Modeling manufacturing resources: An ontological approach

Resource management is at the core of different manufacturing tasks, which need to be seamlessly integrated to optimize production in manufacturing environments. The development of knowledge-based systems led to the use of ontologies to systematically organize data. Unfortunately, ontologies for re- source knowledge representation lack maturity and often rely on context- dependent modeling choices. As a result, the notion of manufacturing resource is treated in disparate, non-homogeneous ways at the expenses of communication and application systems interoperability. The purpose of the paper is to lay down a conceptual framework on manufacturing resources based on ontology engineering principles. By the end of the paper we will see how different approaches can be harmonized with the proposed approach.

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Contributo in volume
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Sanfilippo E.M.
Benavent S.
Borgo S.
Guarino N.
Troquard N.
Romero F.
Rosado P.
Solano L.
Belkadi F.
Bernard A.
, pp. 304–313, 2018
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Sanfilippo E.M.; Benavent S.; Borgo S.; Guarino N.; Troquard N.; Romero F.; Rosado P.; Solano L.; Belkadi F.; Bernard A./titolo:Modeling manufacturing resources: An ontological approach/titolo_volume:/curatori_volume:/editore:/a
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