The Missing Lemur Link: An Ancestral Step in the Evolution of Human Behaviour.

Lemurs share a common distant ancestor with humans. Following their own evolutionary pathway, lemurs provide the ideal model to shed light on the behavioural traits of primates including conflict management, communication strategies and society building and how these aspects of social living relate to those found in the anthropoid primates. Adopting a comparative approach throughout, lemur behaviour is cross-examined with that of monkeys, apes and humans. This book reviews and expands upon the newest fields of research in lemur behavioural biology, including recent analytical approaches that have so far been limited to studies of haplorrhine primates. Different methodological approaches are harmonised in this volume to break conceptual walls between both primate taxa and different disciplines. Through a focus on the methodologies behind lemur behaviour and social interactions, future primate researchers will be encouraged to produce directly comparable results.

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Libro o curatela
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Norscia Ivan
Palagi Elisabetta
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, GBR
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Norscia Ivan, Palagi Elisabetta/titolo:The Missing Lemur Link: An Ancestral Step in the Evolution of Human Behaviour./editore: /anno:2016
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