ITALIAN LITERACY TUTOR, tools and technologies for individuals with cognitive disabilities

The Italian Literacy Tutor (ILT) is a project designed to implement a program of individualized, computer-aided reading instruction with the potential to dramatically improve reading achievement and learning from text in Italian, especially considering L2 teaching/learning
frameworks or working with children with reading disabilities. The Italian Literacy Tutor is the Italian counterpart of the "Colorado Literacy Tutor" (CLT), a project developed at CSLR (Center for Spoken Language Research, Colorado University Boulder) for English. The ILT will mainly integrate two sets of literacy tools, the first one based on speech and animation technology, and the second based on language comprehension technology.

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Cosi P.
Delmonte R.
Biscetti S.
Cole R. A.
Pellom B.
van Vuren S.
ISCA, International speech communication association, Baixas, FRA
InSTIL/ICALL 2004 Symposium on Computer Assisted Learning, pp. 207–215, Venice, Italy, 17-19 June, 2004
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