Imaging in Neurological and Vascular Brain Diseases (PET/CT)

Since the introduction of the first systems in 2001, the field of clinical PET/CT has experienced impressive growth in terms of system design and functionality, supportive software solutions and the availability and range of clinically approved PET tracers. Developments were initially directed towards the creation of solutions for implementation primarily in systemic oncology, rather than in brain studies. Over the intervening years, however, clinical brain PET imaging has benefitted tremendously through the use of available equipment and organisation. The number of clinical brain PET scans at a clinical site might not initially be sufficient to justify the acquisition of a PET/CT scanner, but as a supplementary element in a production line dominated by oncology, brain PET studies can play a very significant role.

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Law I
Garibotto V
Pagani M
EANM Publisher, Wien, AUT
Brain Imaging Tech Guide, edited by Fragoso Costa P, Vidovic B, Santos A, pp. 72–91. Wien: EANM Publisher, 2015
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