EMDR Group Treatment of Children Refugees--A Field Study

and war-torn countries to Europe, there is an urgent need for effective interventions for the treatment
of this highly traumatized population. EMDR Integrative Group Treatment Protocol (EMDR-IGTP) was
provided to 14 child refugees (7 females) in 2016 at a Turkey orphanage near the Syrian border which was
housing adult and child Syrian refugees. Treatment was provided in three groups, one each for children
aged 3-7 years, pre-adolescents aged 9-12, and adolescents aged 13-18 with three sessions provided
to each group. Pre-treatment assessment with multiple measures was compromised by difficulties with
translator availability and refugee mobility, resulting in high attrition. When the post-treatment assessment
was conducted 45 days later, many refugees had already left the orphanage. The sparse character of the
data matrix produced analyzable data for 8 children (mean age 11 ± 3; 4 females) on the Children's
Revised Impact of Event Scale (CRIES). Statistical analysis showed a significant decrease in CRIES
scores, reflecting a decrease in severity of posttraumatic symptoms.

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Perilli S
Giuliani A
Pagani M
Mazzoni GP
Maslovarich G
Maccarone B
Mahasneh VH
Morales DP
Springer Pub. Co.,, New York, NY , Stati Uniti d'America
Journal of EMDR practice and research 13 (2019): 143–156. doi:10.1891/1933-3196.13.2.14
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Perilli S, Giuliani A, Pagani M, Mazzoni GP, Maslovarich G, Maccarone B, Mahasneh VH, Morales DP/titolo:EMDR Group Treatment of Children Refugees--A Field Study/doi:10.1891/1933-3196.13.2.14/rivista:Journal of EMDR practice and
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