How can you enrich your blog or personal homepage?

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How can you enrich your<font size="32"> blog </font>or personal <font size="32">homepage</font>?
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Imagine you are a blogger and you want to enrich your posts with related external contents. Now this is possible without any additional search: just use the new open source platform Interactive Knowledge! It was developed jointly at ISTC within the IKS project by the Semantic Technology Laboratory (STLab) and its function is to enhance content management systems. 

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There are several hundred types of CMS (Content Management Systems) around, but most of them are based on a poor technology. For this reason the Semantic Technology Laboratory (STLab) tackles the challenging goal of creating a platform for semantically enabled content and knowledge management, targeted at small and medium CMS technology providers within the European integrating project IKS. The first result achieved by STLab team and its European partners is an open source platform, by which end users can interact with rich contents in a very intuitive way. Thanks to Interactive Knowledge software, a website or a blog can be automatically enriched with relevant content just on the basis of its amount of available information. But this is not its only function. Interactive Knowledge can be also used to aggregate contents starting from some keywords: for example, a journalist working on an article can gather additional information on his topic from external sources.

IKS is constantly trying to involve people from existing open source development communities, in order to bring interaction and "intelligence" to content management systems. Taking part in the specification, design and implementation of Interactive Knowledge is easy: you can both actively participate by sharing your open source system or suggest further enhancements.

Future steps will aim at "understanding user intentions": a simple Google search will be contextualized according to meaningful contents. After registering as a user, a consumer querying a search string like "Holiday houses, Italy" could receive only structured information focused on his specific needs, e.g. house name, place, available dates, facilities, distances, etc. 

Contact: Aldo Gangemi

ISTC Group: Semantic Technology Laboratory