Other Online Catalogues

Below a list of useful web-sites to search documents, books and journals:

  • MetaBooksis an metaengine designed to search books and monographic heritage in the catalogues of the various Institutes of the CNR on the national territory

  • MISCIO Collective Catalogue of the  heritage of almost all "CNR Research Area " and some institutes of the CNR (26 064 titles in 36 libraries)

  • SBN  (National Library Service) catalogue of  about  4000,  government, local government, universities, public and private institutions Libraries operating in different fields

  •  ACNPNational Collective Catalogue of  Journals

  • CNR Central Library “G. Marconi” is the largest Italian scientific-technical library

  • National Central Library of  Rome

  • MAI MetaOPAC Italian Azalai,  allows  to  query simultaneously hundreds of online catalogues of  Italian libraries

  •  Library of  Congress

  • British Library