New education methods require new teaching systems. From serious games to advanced computer simulations: how can these technologies be integrated in traditional lessons? At ISTC the Advanced Learning Technologies Research Group (ALT) is developing dedicated teacher training programs on advanced e-learning techniques. 

If we think about computer games, we usually imagine people playing alone for hours in front of a screen. But recently this view has been changed by a completely different use of virtual games: it is possible to use them to acquire relational skills and even to solve business problems. At ISTC the Advanced Learning Technologies Research Group (ALT) is working in this direction, developing computer games with an educational function. 

The way children interact with the external world is quickly changing. How will this affect the learning process? Should school adapt to technological changes or maintain its traditional role in society? The answer of the cognitive scientist Domenico Parisi. 

Travelling through time and space: not only science fiction talks about this challenge. At ISTC Francesco Antinucci created a virtual museum able to bring us to not existing places: the only thing we need is a simple click.