A child playing with an intelligent robot can easily grow fond of it and... vice versa. At ISTC the Speech and Multimodal Communication Laboratory (SMCL) is participating in the European Project ALIZ-E, aiming at establishing any-depth social relationships between humans and robots. 

Pictures and videos coming from Mars show more and more faithfully what future astronauts would see from their spaceships. But how are space data currently transmitted to the Earth? At ISTC the Planning and Scheduling Technology Laboratory (PST) has developed a solution to complex scheduling problems by applying Artificial Intelligence technology. 

Technology controls an important part of our lives. Every day we use a lot of different devices, trusting they will work. At ISTC the Trust, Theory and Technology Group (T3) focuses on the interaction between humans and machines in order to understand what technological trust really means. 

Reproducing social processes with computer simulations is a big challenge for sociology. At ISTC the Laboratory of Agent-Based Social Simulation (LABSS) is following this path, shading new lights on the complexity of human social behaviour.