Can users evaluate the services they use? Under which conditions is their participation into the evaluation process effective? Is participation a duty or a right? At ISTC the Evaluation Research Group (ERG) starts form these questions before evaluating a service. 

Educational contexts play a crucial role in child development. How can we evaluate their quality? At ISTC the Human Development and Society Group (HDS) has set up a system of evaluation of early childhood education and care services. 

Can evaluation be an opportunity to learn something new? And under which conditions? Can the evaluation process even change a service? At ISTC the Evaluation Research Group (ERG) works to answer these questions. 

"Sorry for disturbance, but we are playing for you". With this slogan The City of Children international project works on concrete proposals to encourage children participation on cities construction. 

"No, it is too dangerous": this would be most parents' answer. But social studies show that the acquisition of environmental knowledge is strongly influenced by experience. For this reason, at ISTC The City of Children international project is following an experiment called "We go to school alone". 

Studying poverty from a multidimensional and multidisciplinary point of view is probably the best way to do it. The Evaluation Research Group has focused on a psychological topic, the causal attributions for poverty, to better understand the phenomenon and to suggest tailored interventions.